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Sustainable transformation within the spices sector through strategic collaboration

We sustainably transform the mainstream spices sector, thereby securing future sourcing and stimulating economic growth in producing countries

The Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI), a sector-wide consortium founded in 2012, brings together an international group of companies active within the spices, herbs, dehydrated vegetables and food industry and retail, who are willing to develop a collective strategy and take a leading role towards the sustainable production, processing and global trade of these ingredients.

Private companies and non-profit organisations

Main sourcing origins

Crops from spices, herbs & dehydrated vegetables

Themed working groups

SSI programs

The members of SSI share the belief that in today’s environment, sustainability needs to be part of their long-term strategy. This is not only to secure sufficient products for future use but also to recognize that in a connected global society, business can only be successful if it is inclusive and responsible.

Members of SSI have committed to the following objectives:

  • To strive for a fully sustainable spice production and trade in the sector
  • To reach or exceed 25% sustainable sourcing in at least top 3 products categories by 2025, and 50% by 2030
  • To implement robust Due Diligence policies and process by 2025

Measure and reduce the product environmental footprint with a focus on carbon, agrochemical use, water and biodiversity

Read more about SSI Climate Program


Create positive impact on farmers & workers with a focus on the prevention of child labour and supporting a living income.

    Read more about SSI Social Program

    Due Diligence

    The foundational building block of SSI, aims at accelerating transparency and continuous improvement in both environmental and social topics

    Read more about SSI Due Diligence Program

    Benefits of becoming a SSI member


    SSI unites different actors in the supply chain to achieve sustainable production and processing of spices, herbs, and dehydrated vegetables.

    By joining SSI, you will scale up your sustainable engagement through collaboration with like-minded ambitious companies within the sector – thus generating positive impact and value for your business.

    Driving action in supply chain

    Taking a leading role in the development of programs and initiatives that aim to scale up investments in sustainable value chains, addressing sector sustainability challenges

    Effectively mitigating risks through research and tools

    Mitigating risks for your own company by contributing to and benefitting from quality research and jointly developed tools, policies, actions, and studies.

    Access to learning and best practices

    Gaining insights from industry peers, foster knowledge exchange, enhancing sustainability efforts and practices to develop joint approaches and achieve results

    Setting sector-wide approach

    Co-determining the strategic agenda of the global platform, industry standards and practices through joint approach setting. Some projects are eligible for IDH co-funding as well
    Sustaining the pepper supply chain

    Sustaining the pepper supply chain

    The Dak Nong province in Vietnam, Nedspice, Simexcodl and IDH have agreed to further help pepper farmers to produce safe products. During the Dutch trade mission to Vietnam earlier this month, they signed an agreement to address together key sustainable production issues within the next two years.

    Ten years Sustainable Spices Initiative

    Ten years Sustainable Spices Initiative

    After ten years of the Sustainable Spices Initiative, 43 members not only celebrated their collaboration towards tackling the scale of environmental and social issues but also set the course for the next phase.