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Scale up your sustainable impact with SSI

Benefits of becoming a SSI member

SSI unites different actors in the spices supply chain, ranging from sustainable production and processing of spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables.

By joining SSI, you will scale up your sustainable engagement through collaboration with like-minded ambitious companies within the sector – thus generating positive impact and value for your business.

Driving sustainable action in supply chain

Taking a leading role in the development of programs and initiatives that aim to scale up investments in sustainable value chains, addressing sector sustainability challenges

Effectively mitigating risks through research and tools

Mitigating risks for your own company by contributing to and benefitting from quality research and jointly developed tools, joint policies, actions, and studies

Access to learning and best practices

Gaining insights from industry peers, foster knowledge exchange, enhancing sustainability efforts and practices to develop joint approaches and achieve results

Setting sector-wide approach

Co-determining the strategic agenda of the global platform, industry standards and practices through joint approach setting. Some projects are eligible for IDH co-funding as well

What is expected from you as a member?

SSI has been growing steadily over the past few years and has partners ranging from retailers and traders to civil society organizations and associate partners. The initiative is open to all organizations and companies active within the spices sector. Becoming a SSI member essentially means:


Commit to 25% (by 2025) and 50% (by 2030) of sustainability sourcing (by volume) as a key SSI target by implementing action in your company and supply chains with integrity and transparency


Actively engage in one of the three working group (climate, child labour, living income), committee, exchange, learning sessions as well as annual General Assembly to develop joint approaches and achieve results


Contribute to the development of the tools and approaches by paying an annual membership fee

Track progress

Report on a yearly basis to SSI on your progress made, and perform an adequate due diligence of your suppliers to assure that purchased spices and herbs have been traded and processed in compliance with laws and regulations of the country of origin

SSI membership fees

SSI unites different actors in the spices supply chain, ranging from retailers and traders to civil society organizations and associate partners, around common sustainability objectives. The annual fees for each of these membership categories differ according to the annual turnover.

Membership Category (Annual fee in €)

Companies with turnover more than EUR 50 million

Companies with turnover between EUR 20-50 million

Companies with turnover less than EUR 20 million

Non-governmental organizations

Our members

SSI Current members include: